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Current Topics Spring Template

Page history last edited by Dr. Teshia Roby 9 years, 1 month ago

Topics, Techniques, and Tools in Education, Educational Technologies, and Instructional Design


Working together using this wiki 

A successful wiki assignment requires collaboration and trust within the learning community. Our entire class is going to provide information to this wiki that will ultimately be accessible and beneficial to everyone.


Editing the Wiki

You can add comments and content to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all that you see. All members of our learning community have the same access.   Only one person can edit a page at a time, so please be courteous; only go into edit mode on a page if you are ready to contribute since the edit feature will be unavailable to your classmates for that page while you are editing (to prevent over-writes). Contact me at once if you experience any major difficulties; I have a log of all activity for the whole site and I can access an archive and reverse to previous saves if necessary.


To contribute to a page, click on the Edit tab at the top of the page and take it away. Be creative with the presentation of your information! Add pictures and web links that make it more interesting (you can also insert links to video sites like YouTube). 


The tables below shows the assigned responsibilities for the project. 


Responsibilities of Roles

Primary Writer (7 Points) - COMPLETE BY END OF TUESDAY: Follow the attached rubric. Let your 1st editor know as soon as you have the topic ready for review.


1st Editor (2 Points) - COMPLETE BY END OF WEDNESDAY: Read the document for completeness. Check for grammar. Check all links. Confirm proper APA formatting of references. Make sure the writing for this topic has one "voice" even though there are multiple contributors. Communicate your findings to the Primary Writer. Repeat this after the 2nd Editor contributes.


2nd Editor (1 Point) - COMPLETE BY END OF THURSDAY: Add to what was provided by the Primary Writer by contributing one additional related fact or piece of information on the topic. Your contribution should include a web source, document link, or embedded video. Include a resource citation and image if necessary.


You can sort by column by clicking on the heading of a column. 



Primary Writer

1st Editor

2nd Editor








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