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Multimedia and Motivation

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What Makes Multimedia Projects Motivating for Middle Schoolers?



Project-Based Multimedia Learning

"Project-based multimedia learning is a method of teaching in which students acquire new knowledge and skills in the course of designing, planning, and producing a multimedia product." (Simkin, Cole, Tavalin, & Means, 2002) For example, small groups of eighth graders in a language arts class make short videos showing the figurative and literal meanings of popular idioms. They are demonstrating their understanding of figurative language, exchanging ideas for their plan, writing scripts, organizing their shots on a storyboard, deciding on sets and props, and that's just the preproduction. Although stress levels can get high and time management gets put to the test, the students are actively learning.


What is Motivating About Multimedia?


  • Students are active. They are out of their seats, using cameras, and using computers to edit music, design layouts, and create a product. "Active learning practices have a more significant impact on student performance than any other variable, including student background and prior achievement." (Barron & Darling-Hammond, 2008)
  • Many projects are done collaboratively. This allows students to be social and learn from each other. Students learn more deeply when they apply what they have learned in a collaborative project. (Barron & Darling-Hammond, 2008)
  • Students have an opportunity to be more creative. They also can experience new ways to be creative.
  • Some students discover a “voice” with the tools of multimedia. When they see/hear what they created, it can validate their talents, ideas, and thinking.
  • The novelty of creating a multimedia project adds to the element of fun. If students perceive an activity as fun, they tend to be more willing and engaged.


Students are Engaged 

While students are having fun, a lot is going on. They are engaged and actively discovering new ideas and capabilities. “Students engaged in the creation of multimedia projects spend more time on task, even to the point of devoting recess, lunch, and after-school time to the work. The work they do tends to be more complex. Sharing their final products with peers, parents, and others affords students and intense sense of pride and accomplishment that rarely accompanies the completion of a term paper or set of textbook exercises.” (Simkins, et al., 2002)



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"Students do not learn from what you do,

but from what you have them do." - Unknown




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Kimball- Great wiki! I really enjoyed learning about multimedia projects and how fun and engaging it is for students. I watched the video and really liked the idea that the students are on a "learning expedition" instead of the usual class environment where they often feel bored. Working with computers is seriously what every young person likes to do! Why not let them do it and learn in the process, right? Anyways great job, all the links worked and your content was great.

Ryan Morgan said

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I added the last link and the quote to your wiki

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