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Class Blogs 2010

Page history last edited by amanda ramirez 10 years, 2 months ago

Blog Sites for GED 578, Spring '10


Share your name and blog URL.  


When you get a chance, visit blogs of your classmates and check out what they have to say!


Blog URL
Blog Topic
Vicky Silcock  http://walnutvalleypctcrew.blogspot.com/  Hiking the PCT 
Ricky Yip  http://mr-yip.blogspot.com/  A math teacher's diary 
Deborah McCain http://compositioninstructor.blogspot.com Reading, Writing, and Student Success
Marina Miranda
Information on pets and other interesting animal facts.
Yesenia Zambrano 



Advantages of using interactive Whiteboards 
Jeremy Clark
Raising boys and stuff
Amanda Laule  http://a-laule.blogspot.com/ 
Journey of Learning German 
Isiris Buenrostro
http://isirisb.edublogs.org/ The wanna be teacher
Marisol Nguyen   http://marisolnguyen.blogspot.com/ Memoirs of  a Pregnant Woman 
Esther Mora
http://em-howchildrenlearntoread.blogspot.com/  Thinking Maps
Ashley Baker  http://masterbabysitter.blogspot.com/   Overly Educated Babysitter 
Ryan Morgan  http://rjustinmorgan.blogspot.com/  Art Technique  
Kimball Coburn 


An Attempt at Articulation (about education primarily) 
Nelly Diaz  http://lanitalu.blogspot.com/ Change A Life. 
Simina Laptes-Frangu  http://journalaboutmykids.blogspot.com/ My kids and what I am learning with and from them.
Norberto Gaspar



Joys of Gadgets and You! (And other random stuff you know you'll never buy...)

Maria Knerr  http://mlknerr.blogspot.com  How to become a 'good' Salsa Dancer 
Letty De La Torre 



Educate Today 

Lisa Lopez

http://chocohalic5.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-1st-blog.html   Random Thoughts
David Levinson
My Political Blogg
Audrey Hernandez  http://le-dog.blogspot.com/
A blog on tips and tricks for dog today's owners. 
Alan Bautista  http://asbautista.blogspot.com  A blog on "The Wonderful World of Tea" 
Noreen Gonzalez  http://norgon85-longtermsub.blogspot.com/
My Experience As A Long Term Sub 
Monica Robocinski  http://mrobocinski.wordpress.com/
Reviews of games that are fun and educational in some way 
Hugo Linares
How to buy a new used car
Amanda Ramirez   http://confessionsofagradstudent-mandy1027.blogspot.com Confessions of a Grad Student 



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