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Peer Review Teams 2011

Page history last edited by Anthony Green 9 years, 4 months ago

GED 578 Peer Review Teams


Join a Peer Review Team and I will create a Blackboard team where the team members can communicate. Each team will have 2 members (one team will have 3 members).


Review Team # Partner A Partner B (and C)
Team 1 Catherine
Team 2 Ellen Park  Iris Valdez 
Team 3 Maria Smart
Gustavo Madrigal 
Team 4

Lindsay Boyer

Lacey Lloyd

Team 5 Mamie Lai
 Ardeshir Ghaffari
Team 6 Stella Arambel   Pio Ortega
Team 7 Rosemary Boone
Emily Vu
Team 8 Elnaz Abdoli Darmany  Hooman Borhani 
Team 9 Jessica Luzanilla
 Karl Harris
Team 10 Teresa Tang-Quick
Abida Merchant
Team 11 John Whitley Jr.   Marco gonzalez
Team 12 Eliu Rodriguez
Israel Leon
Team 13 Jesus Martinez
Megan Michaelis
Team 14 Luke Shubin
Eric Cuadra & Anthony Green



*Added this person to a team in Bb




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