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Pros and Cons of Electronic Textbooks

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Electronic Textbooks, otherwise known as eBooks, are created and published in a digital format, which combine text, images, or both. Currently, eBooks are delivered via electronic hardware devices. These hardware devices include the following: desktop computers, laptops, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and other eBook electronic devices. 


Advantages of Electronic Textbooks

The advantages of eBooks are varied. Below are a few notable advantages of the eBook:


  • Increased access - For example, for those with the aforementioned hardware devices, eBooks allow readers the opportunity to download the millions of books titles available. 
  • Reduced cost - In addition to increased accessibility, many of the eBooks are available for download free of charge. Even if readers are unable to download an eBook for free, they can save money on the price of the textbook because the cost to print the textbook is often reduced for the publisher. 

  • Increased free space - eBook readers will also save spaces on the shelf.  Readers can carry thousands of eBook in your digital device instead of 2 or 3 heavy textbooks. 

  • Real-time translation feature(s)- Many eBooks have the ability to translate words that readers do not understand. Additionally, it can also translate words into another language.

  • Improved Readability - Many eBooks devices can be read in very little light or bright light depending on each individual's preference. 


In addition to the benefits listed, there are more innovative and helpful features that users can benefit from. For example, text-to-speech software and the ability for readers to borrow and read instantly.  eBooks can also be used to increase literacy expectancy for people who have difficulty manipulating or accessing books due to disabilities.  eBooks can be loaded onto voice output communication devices that allow people with disabilities to have better access to reading materials..


Disadvantages of Electronic Textbooks

There are also some disadvantages of eBooks.  Some eBooks will take up a lot of memory, which cost money as well.  The eBook device will also need recharging after the battery is drained.  Due to the possibility of device defect, data loss can occur.   

Electronic Textbook Images



eBooks on Digital Bookshelf 


Turning the Digital eBook Page


iPad Digital Device created by Apple


    eBook Device - Kindle by Amazon

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