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Cognitivism as a Pedagogical Philosophy

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Cognitivism (as a Pedagogical Philosophy) focuses on how the mind processes and uses information. Within cognitivism, tasks are analyzed and then broken down into smaller steps and/or chunks. Information is then taught from the most simple to the most complex based on the learner's prior knowledgeCognitive learners use schema or mental maps to help organize information and tie the material to existing knowledge to aid memorization. This method pays attention to the learner's specific differences by accommodating and approaching information in various ways. Psychologists of Cognitivism have challenged the limitations of Behaviorism in terms of observable behavior.



Some Important Cognitivism Theorists:


Jean Piaget




  • Jean Piaget - Theorized that children progress through stages in the Theory of Cognitive Development.



  •  John R. Anderson - Developed the two types of memory known as Procedural and Declarative.






Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development


Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development (1970) identified four major stages in which children progress: sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operational and formal operational. This theory suggests that these stages reflect differences in a child's cognitive abilities and that learners cannot be taught key cognitive tasks unless they have reached a particular stage of cognitive development.  The video below illustrates the cognitive development in each stage.







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