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SME (Subject Matter Expert, as related to instructional design)

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The comic strip above is the opposite of what a SME should be. This SME is an integral part of a team when it comes to instructional design. "The design and development of online and multimedia modules requires a team with a diverse range of skills and talents to successfully complete all aspects of a module. Unfortunately a bottleneck still exists between the content expert and design and development staff (instructional designers, graphic designers, programmers, audio-visual staff) in terms of translating the content into a form that embodies sound educational design. The design and development of quality online and multimedia learning materials often require instructional designers/learning designers to assist subject matter experts (SMEs) in creating suitable teaching and learning resources. It is not possible for the instructional designer to be conversant in all content areas, and as such they must rely on SMEs to assist with determining the scope and accuracy of the unfamiliar content. Due to the crucial and unique role of the SME, the instructional designer must streamline the flow of information to prevent a communication “bottleneck”. Without an effective strategy for interacting with the SME, valuable time will be lost understanding and organizing the content, hence the need for an efficient and effective method to assist in the instructional designer–subject matter expert interaction" (Keppell).







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Please view the video below about effective instructional design:

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Keppell, M. Optimising Instructional Designer—Subject Matter Expert Communication in the Design and Development of Online and Multimedia Projects. Retrieved from: http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/adelaide03/docs/ws05.pdf

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Looks great!

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