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Page history last edited by Dr. Teshia Roby 11 years, 4 months ago

GED 578 Peer Review Teams


Join a Peer Review Team and I will create a Blackboard team where the team members can communicate. Each team will have 2 members (one team will have 3 members).


Review Team # Partner A Partner B & C
Team 1 Justin Betz Gina Ayala & Richard Feldman
Team 2 Steve Guiles Henry Wilson
Team 3 Carlos Chavez John Borrowman
Team 4 Michael Roth Jenna Guerrero
Team 5 Amanda Chapman  Sara Ruiz 
Team 6 April McKettrick  Jason Beers 
Team 7 Kyla Hjertstedt Tammie Barta
Team 8 Tony Spittell Cliff Rosa
Team 9 Candice Allen Chris Matthews
Team 10 Theresa Berry Gihan Ahmed
Team 11 Sally Padilla  Sarah Yang 
Team 12 Ray Mendoza Jeremy Clark
Team 13 Edana Garrett  Jeremy Smotherman 
Team 14 Bobby Kim  Elizabeth Ebueng 



*Added this person to a team in Bb




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